Ron and Lynne Fellowes

Ron Fellowes has a lot to answer for. Reading No Room for Watermelons rekindled my dream to ride a motorcycle around the Mediterranean Sea. Meeting Ron and his wife Lynne was truly inspirational. They would have to be the worlds happiest people. They are permanently smiling and had many words of encouragement for my impending lap of the lake on my Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Lynne and Ron Fellowes, Tasmania February, 2018

Lynne and Ron Fellowes, Tasmania February, 2018

Rick from Mountain Engineering in New Norfolk

Rick is Tassie's sole Royal Enfield dealer. It was an easy choice for me to buy my Himalayan from Rick. He was also happy to trade the Bonnie. We did the final swap in Campbelltown. It was a great ride home back to Sulphur Creek, exploring some of the unsealed roads on my way home. Not only does Rick have the bikes, he also stocks RE clothing and ecesories. Ive bought riding gear, tee shirts and panniers from him. Rick has been responsible for helping me prepare the bike for my trip. He has put together spare tubes, tyre levers, puncture repair kit, spark plug and filters. Some of which I hope I don't need to use. The filters and spark plug will be used when I get the bike serviced after my touring of Morocco.



My Overland Track Hiking Buddies

Jill, Robyn and Rhonda. 

We have hiked the Overland 4 times in the last 5 years, each time in winter. Each of these three women have been instrumental in the design of this website. 

Robyn because she challenges me with a letter of the alphabet and expects me to tell a tale about someone I've met who's name begins with that letter. We haven't covered the whole alphabet yet, so I guess there's more Overland Track hikes to be had.

Jill introduced me to Soxy Beast with a gift voucher of a new pair of snazzily designed socks each month. I have modelled the "donate to a charity of your choice" from the Soxy Beast as that is what they do.

Rhonda is into challenges. The first time I went overseas she set me 20 challenges. I great idea and gave me a novel focus to my trip. Thanks Rhonda. 


Rhonda, Robyn, Moi and Jill

Rhonda, Robyn, Moi and Jill

Margot, my snorkelling buddy

My long time Mount Beauty pal, Margot has got me snorkelling around the world. My first ever snorkel was in the chilly waters of  Dove Lake five years ago. Since then I've preferred to snorkel in warmer tropical waters. Destinations include: Tioman and Perentian Islands of Malaysia's east coast, Vanuatu, Cocos and Christmas Islands as well as along the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. As I now live on the Tasmanian north coast I can simply walk across the road to my local snorkelling spot and I'm in the cool and mostly clear waters of Bass Strait. 

Margot and I plan to catch up on the Amalfi Coast, Italy to have a snorkel in the Mediterranean Sea. We are good travel companions and also good mates who always have time for long phones and sometimes if I need it,  a slap with a wet fish, metaphorically of course.  


Annie and Margot in Ningaloo Reef.

Cradle Canyons

Not only is Antho the mastermind behind Cradle Canyons and the face of Cradle Canyons, he's a bit of a wizz with websites. he has kindly put my site together for me and shown me how to edit and add challenge results as they are completed. Thank you Antho.

When I first came to Cradle Antho encouraged me to do one of their trips. Gulp, that would be putting me outside my comfort zone!!. On the first trip I did with them I found it required enormous amounts of self -talk to make each leap. Then once I had made each jump I wondered what all the fuss was about. In some ways this is what I'm going through as I prepare for my "lap". 





Nancy thankfully came into my life as Nic's babysitter  when he was 5 months old. She's been a life saver ever since. Even now she has my back and her gift to me when I called in to see her before I left was a door wedge. Yes, I have packed it and will use it every night. Such a simple little gesture and what a sensible security devise for me to carry and of course use. Thanks Nancy!!