26 Acts of Kindness


Officially the beginning should also be the ending - the completion of the lap of the lake. However some countries with Mediterranean coastline are more hospitable than others so its not recommended that I visit all countries.

Notably Marseilles (in France) would make an obvious starting point as its the oldest city in France. BUT I'm preferring to start at the Straits of Gibraltar. North and south coasts.

About 6 million years ago the Mediterranean Sea was born when the African continent edged its way under the European continent, allowing waters from the Atlantic to flow in and fill the lake til it overflowed, flooding what was once a salt and gypsum desert. The Straits are narrow and shallow, only 300m deep and 13 km wide, whereas around Greece depths have been recorded at almost 5000m. The deepest part of Dove Lake has been recorded at 60m.

The guide books tell me the best views of the Straits from the African side are from the lighthouse/lookout at Cap Spartel, Tangier. And obviously from the Rock of Gibraltar on the northern side. These are two not to be missed photo opportunities.

The 26 Acts of Kindness is your opportunity to do something nice for humankind and the planet.

Choose a letter of the alphabet, come up with a challenge and once I've completed it, evidence will be on my Blog tab, then make your donation to your chosen charity. It's that simple. Some letters have already been bagged so go through the list to find the remaining letters. Upper and lower case letters are available. Have a look at what others are expecting me to do??

Once you have chosen your letter please use  the Contact Me Tab to let me know your challenge and charity.

***************** I am eternally grateful to Antho from Cradle Canyons who continually manages to save my bacon everytime I accidently delete info from my site. Thankyou again Antho, you are a gem.


Ami has bagged A. Her initials are AA and she will donate her $$ to the Tasmanian Greens or Sea Shepherd, she cant decide atm. However she has decided her challenge for me and it is to give $5 and a banana to a busker. Now she's getting greedy and looking at the letter B also. . . . 5 Bucks, Busker and Banana. Go Ami, I love it that you have so enthusiastically embraced the concept of 26 Acts of Kindness.


Active Life, Physical and Social (ALPS) is a group of beautiful women from Mount Beauty. They would like a photo of me in the alpine garden in Davos, wearing national costume and holding an eidelwiess flower. They will donate $150 to Make a Wish Foundation and $150 to the Mount Beauty Hospital Garden Volunteers.


Bronwyn and her Busy Bee BnB has given me a small eleephant pin to wear on my jacket and to remind me to take a photo, preferably of an elephant somewhere on my travels. Bronwyn will donate her $50 to CANTEEN.


Jonesy from Cairns, via Morocco has a challenge for me, to do with my affinity with water. When in MaltaI'm to visit and swim in the Blue Grotto. He will donate his $50 to the Young Animal Protection Society (YAPS) in Cairns.


C has been bagged by Dr Rob. Rob will be motorcycling across Europe in June and maybe he'll be able to witness me completing the challenge he plans to set for me, so long as its on the coast.


Cookie, my long time motorcyly friend has always known of my idea for a lap around the lake and told me of Dirk Schaffers trip around the Mediterranean! So now Cookie expects me to discover who my long term mate is!! and once I recognise him he'll donate to the RFDS.


D is for Davey and also for 'dix' for the number of Different types of cheese for me to taste while I'm away. RoD will Donate his $50 to Beyond Blue if one of the cheeses I savour is bleu. Awesome challenge, merci beacoup Monsieur Davey.


Brian, an avide Ducati rider would like me to visit the Ducati factory in Bologna for an eDUCATIon. Many moons ago Brian went to the factory only to find it closed for a holiday, so I'm to visit it for him. He will donate to the Hobart Central Church.


Jo and James, whom I met in Morocco, cheekily challenged me to spend an extra week with my bodyguard George!! They will let me know who they'll donate to later.


Contact Annie to bag this letter and set her a challenge


My only son and heir has asked that I enjoy a Farinata in Nice overlooking the Mediterranean. When I do that he'll donate to Beyond Blue. Thanks Nic. Now I need to research a farinata, food? cocktail? pastry? swim? it will be fun finding out.


F is for Friendship. Stephen has suggested as I travel along the French Riviera I enjoy the French bread sticks and other fine French cuisine. There will be lots of photos for this challenge. Steve's charity is the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer in Calgary, Canada.


G Peter wants to see some video of me, the bike and the Tunisian coast, maybe at a major port of entry haha or exit. Hope I'm not being escorted out of the country!!. Peter will donate to the Fred Hollows Foundation.Thanks Peter, you.re a champ.


Jorge from the Gold Coast is always setting me challenges. He has fully embraced the 26 acts of kindness and is very generous with his donations to Berber families, street children in Fez, etc.Its my challenge to be more like him. He has already donated $52 to the childrens library in Fez.


How has your day been? In two different countries, Cassie has asked that I take someone for coffee and ask them how their day has been. a great idea and I should probably do this in each country. Thanks Cassie. If I could fit a sidecar to my bike I would take Cassie with me.


happy Family maker Shireen has a challenge in Sicily for me. To go to the UNESCO site where Empedocles was born. This pre-Socratic philosopher created the concept of matter being made up of the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Im to eat an arancicu from this secret place. Her family will donate to thr Save the Mountain Pygmy Possum campaign.


Contact Annie to bag this letter and set her a challenge


Contact Annie to bag this letter and set her a challenge


Laura has bagged J. Laura has a close affinity with all things Italian. She wants me to do a bike ride with her friend, Ivan. Ivan biulds motorbikes, fast ones apparently. He lives in Padova, Italy. She will donate to the Save the Strathbogie Forest Campaign.She has bagged letter J as there is no J in the Italian alphabet.


J is for Joy. Joy, one of the lovely ALPS Ladies from Mount Beauty simply wants me to enJoy my trip and send her some video clips of the scenery. Joy will donate her $50 to Mercy Ships.


Ranger Alan wants photo evidence of my Kayaking along the coast of Croatia. Lovely alliteration!!I'm looking forward to exploring that part of the Mediterranean coast. Alan's donation is to the RSPCA.


Mel and Geoff have dreamed up a hike for me to do in Montenegro. To Klimb from Kotor to the top of San Giovanni's Kastle. Thanks also for the tip for a great bike ride in Croatia. They will donate $100 to Dolly's Dream.


- L for Love. Rolly (Bless him) has come up with the epitomy of challenges for me. He has asked me to bungy jump from the James Bond "GoldenEye" at the Contra Dam in Switzerland. I know if I can muster the wherewithall to make the jump it will be a lifechanging experience for me. He will make his donation to a local wildlife rescue person.


Lamby has been a huge source of info helping me get ready for my trip. He's sent me maps, hotel info and even a motor vehicle musuem in Malaga that I should visit. (museo automovillistico) I will Lamby, thankyou for all your help. He will donate to the Tathra Bush Fire Appeal. You'd think with a name like that he might donate to the Dorper Rescue Facility??


Maryanne and Steve want to see a photo of me with Rossi!! I would be the only person I know that has a photo of Rossi on the inside of her pantry door and has so for the last 20 years. The understatement is I'm a big fan!!They will donate to . . . . . .


Contact Annie to bag this letter and set her a challenge


N for Nico Dawgy. Rueben, Nic's best man has set a challenge for me to climb the biggest mountain that is not too devastatingly massive and take a bottle of broullo, or the closest thing to it and take a snap at the top or. . . and I'm thinking AND! take the Bernina Express train from Davos to Italy. It passes through World Heritage areas. Rueben will donate to the Wilderness Society. Thanks Rueben, I think you're awesome.


Contact Annie to bag this letter and set her a challenge


Catherine Ocean has bagged this letter. Cathy is the author of "Wombsy and Wombalina", a beautiful story about two of our Cradle wombats. She has given me some $$ to take on my trip and give it to someone who is in real need. Thank you Cath and I will tell them that it has come from you, a special angel from Cradle Mountain.


Contact Annie to bag this letter and set her a challenge


Peter has bagged P for Padova, one of his fave Italian locations. More details to follow.


Contact Annie to bag this letter and set her a challenge


Contact Annie to bag this letter and set her a challenge


Contact Annie to bag this letter and set her a challenge


R is for Robena. Robena has asked me to Record the unsynchronised Ringing of the Camogli church bells. Camogli is a very Romantic Italian village. I'll post the recording on my You Tube channel 'lap around the lake'. Robena's daughter has friends in Camogli that I may be lucky enough to meet. Her donation will go to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.


Sandra Sparrow, my bnb host in Felixstowe has decided to offer me accomodation on my return and donate the cost to a charity of my choice. I have given her a short list and asked her to choose from that. She wants me to have a wonderful trip and tell her some tales when we meet next. Her accom was very clean and comfortable and i'm looking forward to my return stay.


- Jamie has challenged me to buy some local goats cheese in St Tropez and for this he will donate to the RFDS. I think I will have to be quite judicial with the placement of my mask and snorkel for this photo.


S is for Safe and Sound and Spinal Cord Injuries Australia. Annette's wish is that I arrive home safe and sound so she can donate $100 to Spinal Cord Injuries Australia. My wish Annette is that your wish comes true.


Trevor and Jenny have asked that I take a Tasmanian Devil soft toy on my travels. I'm to take a photo of myself with the tassie devil at each major stop or significant event. One photo must be in each country I visit, one also in Capestang, France with mutual friends and another with them while we are both travelling in Morocco. I'll post the photos under the blog tab and Trevor and Jenny will donate per photo to a maximum of $200.00 to the SAVE THE TASMANIAN DEVIL Program.


Contact Annie to bag this letter and set her a challenge


I think Margot is going to take this letter and her challenge will have something to do with U and me!!


Contact Annie to bag this letter and set her a challenge


V is for Valencia oranges. Typical Tash wants me to pose for a tasteful photo of me in the nud decorated with Valencia oranges in Valencia. She will donate to the Sulphur Creek Dorper Rescue Facility.


Contact Annie to bag this letter and set her a challenge


After I'd bought my Himalayan several people said to me "that I must meet Dave" and yes I have now met Dave, a fellow Himalayan owner. We are The Phantom and The Stig! Dave's challenge is to swim in the crystal clear water under the waterfall in the Krka National Park in Croatia. He has also suggested I visit the Nikola Tesla hydro facility, which I really want to visit. Dave will donate to WIRE (Womens Information and Referral Service).


W for Walk and Walpole. Dianna has walked the Cinque Terra Trail on Italy's Mediterranean Coast and now wants me to do the same. Just as well my motorcycle boots double as hiking boots. She will donate to The Intrepid Foundation.


Rhonda and Lowey have always set me challenges when I'm on holidays. This time they have chosen X for Xplore. Where oh where has Annie gone? Where oh where can she be, With adventure on her mind and her Enfield bike, Where oh where can she be? Snorkeling in Sicily? sightseeing ? sleeping? sitting around? and slurping a drink?? Where oh where is she now??Bear Cottage is their chosen charity


Contact Annie to bag this letter and set her a challenge


Contact Annie to bag this letter and set her a challenge


Contact Annie to bag this letter and set her a challenge


Paul has grabbed Z. His challenge to me is that I come home in one piece. A very fitting challenge for the last letter of the alphabet. Once I am home he shall donate his $50 to the Royal Flying Doctor Service. He also owes me a deep fried camembert dinner, so I'm coming home just for that!!


Nancy has a Zorro challenge for me. To take a photo in Spain of myself with a handsome Mr Zorro with his sword drawn. She has offerd me some tips, I might find him in a museum or a fort??She will donate to the Bonorong Wildlife Hospital.