AS my bike is to be shipped to the UK in February, these two helpful chaps suggested I fit an Anderson Plug to the battery terminals so its easy and safe for me to disconnect the terminals for the bikes container ride to the UK. They also fitted my rack for the panniers and the Garmin Zumo so I can find my way around the Mediterranean Sea.. Thankyou Big Richard and Rod. And thanks to Bill too for making sure Rod's sense of humour is still as quick as ever.


DR Rob



I had the good fortune to meet Dr Rob at the Ross Vintage Motorcycle Show in Nov 2017. He said I must meet Dave. I have since met Dave on several occasions and as a fellow Himalayan rider we have much in common and many tales to share.

I had ridden in miserable conditions to Ross in the hope of meeting the ever smiling and inspirational Ron and Lynne Fellowes. They were not there, but more of their story later.  

Dr Rob is one of the most enthusiastic bike riders I've met in a while. It was at his suggestion that I go to the Bright Adventure Film Festival in Feb 2018. I did attend and used the trip as a practice ride for my trip. I met some great speakers and adventurers. Subsequently I have now halved the stuff in my saddle bags and have many more ideas on how to share my story.

Rob and his friend Toni (who flew over from WA and hired a Harley) both took some drone footage of me on the dirt. Thankyou. Rob will put all the footage together and add it to my site, under photos. We then rode up Mount Buffalo, with Toni and Rob swapping bikes for part of the ride.

PostScript Feb 22  Toni has just added a Triumph Bonneville to her stable. Congrats Toni, great choice.


Enfields Across Australia



Bronwyn (letter challenge B) happened across these three young men in Devonport and as they were each on Royal Enfields mentioned to them her friend was riding one around Europe. Three days later a lovely young man comes to buy a raincoat from me at work at Cradle. He was wearing a bike jacket so I asked him what he was riding. A Royal Enfield!, came the proud reply. Oh gosh you're one of the three young men my friend spoke to in Devonport. He blushed. Well actually it, me, my brother and Dad!! Poor fellows, they couldnt have got wetter weather, their clothes, camp gear and tents were all saturated. By the time they got to New Norfolk to see Rick at Mountain Engineering, they were back to their happy smiling selves again. I'm told they are on facebook as Enfields Across Australia. Why not look them up and see if they are safely home back in Western Australia.