Homesick for Hotham


I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not??  

I’m at the Cradle Mountain Film Festival. Already I have recognised fellow presenters from the Adventure Travel Film Festival in Bright a few weeks ago. 

Nearly all the films on the first night were of snowscapes.  

Antartica featured prominently, maybe I should try and go there. After my first season working at Mt Hotham in 2005 I loved being surrounded by so much snow I even applied to ANARE for a job on Antartica. I wanted to be totally surrounded by the pureness of such a white landscape. 

As well as Antartica, other films documented the first peoples of NW Canada and the porcupine caribou and their struggle to protect their natural environment and culture from the marauding natural resource miners and drillers. Maybe I shall see some similarities when I visit Mongolia for a months motorcycling in July.  

The French Alps for extreme high country skiing for the Anna and Nat Segal was exciting heart in your mouth skiing and they even showed a snippet of Falls Creek in winter. 

What a great first night for the Festival. I went to sleep reminiscing about my Hotham days. Do I want to go back??? Time will provide the answer to this quandary.