It started with a kick

12 months ago I was on the Spirit bringing my bike to Melbourne to load it into a shipping container bound for the UK. 

All the motorbikes were lined up in Devonport waiting to board the Spirit and somehow, I don't know how but the fellow parked next to me accidentally kicked me as he got himself onto his Spyder. No harm done and I didn't think anymore of it other than I decided not to park next to him on the ferry.  

After my meal I wandered around the ferry and was recognised by a group of motorcyclists I'd served at Cradle a few days earlier. We had an animated conversation about why this fellow would not give his postcode as part of the sale. All his mates joined in and it was a jovial conversation. Lo and behold if the kicker is not one of this group of happy gentlemen.  The kicker as it turns out is one Douglas Adams, not the author and his cheeky mate was not Zaphod Beeblebrox either.  I chatted with then for a while, the kicker owed me a drink!!  They regaled me with all their bike stories and it was a pleasant way to pass the evening. They then asked me where I was off to on my Himalayan. I told them a little of my plans. They were a bit astonished and were very generous offering suggestions for what spares and tools I should pack, and how to operate my SPOT and other general safety tips. All very much appreciated. They wanted to stay in touch to see how I fared. They followed me on the "blog".  Doug was brilliant in emailing helpful solutions to some of my electrical dilemmas while I was away  

Spyder Doug back in Tassie for another tour.  

Spyder Doug back in Tassie for another tour.  

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend another evening with them, in Tassie as they were back for another tour. I regaled them this time with some of my travel stories. It was a fun evening and for me it  brought back many happy memories of the journeys magic!! 

I now have an invitation to call in for a cuppa as I pass through 2336!!