Lucie and Raymond Aubrac


Raymond Aubrac was born Raymond Samuel, he was a leader of the French Resistance during WW2. He married Lucie Aubrac at the beginning of the war. He was used to taking many pseudonyms, carried fake identity papers and was often arrested and interrogated. 

Raymond and Lucie's Resistance activities started off with buying boxes of chalk and writing graffiti on walls. They then moved on to writing tracts and putting them into people's letterboxes. In the autumn of 1940, they also formed one of the first underground Resistance groups in Lyon. Lucie was generally able to assist in his escape. In fact in many ways I think she was the brains of the outfit, and Raymond the better communicator. After the war they joined Charles de Gaulle government is exile.  Their wartime exploits have been immortalised in two French films: Lucie Aubrac (1997) and Boulevard des hirondelles (1992). 

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