Ooops, what have I done now??

It was after 3 pm and time for me to start looking for accom for the night. I'd stopped to ask a fellow by his car if there was a pension or auberge in town and he gave me very detailed directions to a hotel, all in French, I didn't have a clue so it was a cheery Merci beaucoup! And off I headed in the direction he pointed. I think I actually pulled out in front of these guys, didn't even look in the mirror. Oops.  


So the first bike comes up beside me and waves, yikes then slows down while the second bike comes up beside me and points to the front of my bike. Ok, so I pull up behind the first bike with the second bike beside me. Hmmm I'm blocked in , so no hasty escape happening to this little fluffy duck!! 


Number two said something to me, in French, so I replied I was looking for a hotel for the night. No worries, follow me!! So I did, one bike in front and one behind. We rode like that for about 5 km and then the lead bike turned down a gravel driveway to a hotel. Wow. That was good.  

I was barely off the bike and all the hotel staff and guests came out to see why two police bikes had arrived in their car park!!! 

Then came the obligatory, Where are you from? Then lots of questions about the bike, and I mean lots of questions, what troubles had I had etc. I think one of them has a friend who is thinking of buying the Himalayan.  

They took a few photos of the bike and some of me, know doubt they'll end up on Facebook somewhere. Along with all the other photos people have taken of me with the bike!!