National Wear Shorts to Work Day.

September 1. First day of Spring is tradionally when Mel and I start to wear our shorts to work. Of course there are others at Cradle that wear then all year round, but for us we start on September First, regardless of the weather. 

This year of course I'm in the northern Hemisphere and its sweltering, so I'm in shorts and swimmers most of the time. It snowed at Cradle on the first as it sometimes does, but it didn't stop Mel from donning the shorts for the beginning of spring.  


Yay. Gidday to Mel and Mitchell. 

Yay. Gidday to Mel and Mitchell. 

Meanwhile I had my bike serviced today and the mechanic, Luca wore his shorts.  


I expect to be in Tassie next spring so I'll be in shorts on the first day of spring!!  

If anyone else has Shorts photos I'm happy to add them to this page. ❣️❣️