Wish fullfillment.

While My bike is having an unscheduled sleepover with other Royal Enfields I decided it would be a good idea to visit the Trevi Fountain. 


On the way to the Fountain I came across Aladdin and his lamp. Yes, I rubbed it and for my donation I got a small scroll of paper stating in Italian " in life I wish you peace" Gotta be happy with that. 


Still walking towards the fountain I overheard a very very tall Nigerian fellow asking some visitors for a donation as he'd just popped a colourful bracelet on their wrists. They were reluctant to pay, so I turned back and said to him that I would pay for their bracelets. I gave him some extra money. With that he gave me a wrist full of bracelets. He them told me he was over 2 m tall, and he had such a beautiful happy face.  Gotta be happy with that. 


I arrive at the fountain and the continuous running water and the glacial colour of it immediately took me back to Plitvice National Park in Croatia. Certainly a highlight of my trip, and here I was in a bit of a low light situation. So I threw the rest of my money into the fountain. Said a prayer and hoped for the best. 


I came back to my bnb to check emails and the bike shop people tell me my bike will be ready on Friday. Gotta be happy with that. It will be a bit of a mad dash back to the UK to get the bike ready for shipment back to Melbourne. But I'll make it, somehow,  I  always seem to land on my feet after freefalling or some other emotionally somersaulting event. Phew!!