Looking out to Sea

I'm sure if you think for a minute you'll be able to name a few statues of women looking out to the Sea. 

There is a beautiful sculpture of a girl with a seagull on the rocks at Opatija on the Croatian Riviera.  


This sculpture of Maiden with seagull was placed here in the 1950's. It replaces one that was first put in place in 1890. The harsh coastal conditions meant it didn't last long. The original sculpture ' Madonna  Del Mare' was to acknowledge the tragic drowning of the Count Arthur Kesselstradt's wife.  


Seeing this sculpture and learning of it's story reminded me of the Waiting Woman in Geraldton. 



Another sculpture of a woman looking out to sea.  

 The waiting woman is a life sized bronze statue of a woman  looking out to sea. She represents all the wives, mothers, sisters and girlfriends who waited in worry while their loved ones served at war.

The waiting woman also represents the families of the men lost who waited so long to know where their loved ones lay at rest. 


And in Germany, at Konstanz there is another sculpture of a woman, not gazing out to sea but across Lake Constance on the borders of Switzerland, Germany and Austria.  


Imperia faces out to the lake at least half the time! She was only erected here in 1993. 

The statue of Imperia commemorates the Council of Constance that took place in the 15C. She is holding two naked men in her hands. The Pope of the time, Martin V and the Emperor Sigismund who called the council. It refers to Balzac's story, La Belle Imperia,  that is a harsh satire of the Catholic clergy's morals. And controversial it was when erected 25 years ago.