Learning English

I'm glad english is my first language as I would not like to have to learn it as a second of third language.  


 How many celebs can you name? Do you remember Lambchop??

A few days ago I met a lovely young Croatian tour guide in the Plitvice National Park. He was speaking English to his guests and I was intrigued by his accent, I was actually eaves dropping and listening to his delightful speel about the facts and figures on the Park. At the next view point I commented to him on his lovely English. I asked him if he learnt English at school. Yes, he did, he learnt some English at school, but learnt most of it from listening to hip hop.  Hmm. That's pretty neat.  

Yesterday at dinner I met visitor from Hungary. His English was very good. He is widely travelled and has a knack for learning languages and can identify different accents quite readily. He learnt some English at school but absolutely loves MasterChef and has learnt most of his English from that show!! 

Then tonight I meet Mario, gotta love him, he's as much a Rossi fan as I am. He's not from Bologna but closer to Milan and lives in the village where they make the Stradivari violins. Not only is he heir to the Campari dynasty ( yes, that's his surname), his real claim to fame is how he learnt English.  


Thankyou Mario and Laura for such a wonderful entertaining evening. I wish you both all the cleverness and capricciosaness you can fit into your holiday on Rab, from a very coragiossa Annie