Just like a kid in the candy store


The main supermarket in Davos, the COOP, has a whole aisle dedicated to chocolate. Like most stores in Switzerland they are very loyal to their fellow Swiss and most of these chocolates are Swiss made.  

Migros, another supermarket and Aldi are not quite as loyal. I'm familiar with the chocolate aisles in all three stores!! One a town of town the other day, we visited Schneiders Chocolate shop. One chocolate here is the same price as a 500 Gm block in the supermarket.  

Ive been conducting a survey to see which chocolate I like the best.  


This was yesterday's purchase. The Truffles were a fave, and gone in one night 😳

I quite like the Moser Roth, German not Swiss. It is very smooth and creamy. Lindt Intense are always good. The grapefruit and a pear one are new to me.  

The small green foil is from a chocolate that Bakhtyly brought with her from Kazakhstan.  

I shall continue to conduct my survey.  Chocolate has a lot of iron in it, so it's a substitute for lack of green veggies.. In code spinach really means chocolate!!!