Storm in a tea cup, Andorra style.


I'd read about this sculpture and of course I had to see it. 20 km up an Alpine pass in the rain, and it was cold at almost 2500 m up in the Pyrenees in Andorra. At least it gave my new Pirellis a work out and I'm very happy with them.  


When someone reads your tea leaves and there is a bike in the bottom of your cup, what does that mean??? 


It's a beautiful piece of work and I was hoping the cup would roll around in the saucer, but it's welded into position.  


It was raining. I had the heated grips on coming up the mountain, so it made sense to slip my gloves over the handlebars while I climbed around the teacup.  


I miss my Moroccan tea.  



the view was a bit inclement, ski runs in the background. 



horses grazing in the paddock. It's a very steep paddock for them, that's why they are all facing along the slope not up and down it. 


The very pretty little ski village of Pal, halfway up to the teacup.  


lovely little village of Pal.