Annie and her teapots

I normally travel with my Robur Perfect Teapot, a battered beauty I bought in Ulverstone way before I started working in Tasmania. This teapot was the first in what has since become a bit of an obsession with tea and teapots. 

After much agonising I decided I would not bring THAT teapot with me as I knew I would buy one on my travels. Yesterday was the day. In Marrakech.  



For the last week I have been drinking copious amounts of Moroccan Tea.  It's beautiful, very refreshing and full of fresh mint (maybe spearmint) flavour. 

First they boil water in an old kettle, generally, then pour the hot water into a beautiful metal teapot that has a teaspoon or two of green tea (from China, vert de chine). This is then poured out into a glass and then transferred back to the teapot that is now crammed with fresh mint. At some stage they must add a lot of sugar although I've not seen anyone do that. Once steeped the tea is poured into small glasses. It's beautiful. 


long pour tea. 

long pour tea. 

barrow load of fresh picked tea at the night market. 

barrow load of fresh picked tea at the night market. 


Japanese tea and dinner in Brunei 


home visit in Brunei


teapot decorations in hotel in Marrakech 


teapots in market at Marrakech, just reminds me of the shelves Ian built for the dinette in Sulphur Creek!! 


Great little teapot handle cover in Essaouira. Note the face embroidery.  The little hot handle cover is apparently called a "Dave". I can't find our why 😩


Teapot sculptures 



teapot shop in Tangier, note the little blue Daves. 


old teapots in a museum, most Moroccan kitchens will have an elaborate kitchen dresser similar to this one.  


a whopping big teapot


teapots at a roadside market. The Ksar in the background has been remodelled several times and used as movie sets. You may recognise it if you are a "Gladiator" fan 


tea with a beautiful young Berber woman. We had lunch in her mums cafe, this is their family lounge. I asked if it was ok to take this photo and use it in my blog, please do but please obscure my daughters face was the friendly reply. More on Berber traditions elsewhere. This was my challenge C, drink tea with a Berber family  The rest of the family were out in the restaurant serving our group.


this teacup in Andorra was just too big to load onto the bike. 

this teacup in Andorra was just too big to load onto the bike.