La Tarifena, confiteria y Pasteleria

I'm attracted to this shop like bees to honey.. it's a cake shop and it's awesome. I visit it daily, and the staff now recognise me.  Sometimes when I go for my daily fix the crowd is oozing out the door, today in the middle of siesta time the streets are quiet and I took my chance that they would be open, bingo. I bought two cakes today because I missed out yesterday as I had the day trip to Gibraltar. ( Can't count the proper cinnamon bun yesterday as part of my Spanish cake quota!! 


today's cakes!!! The cake on the left is something with vanilla and white chocolate and the raspberry topped one has a mascarpone filling. Each cake comes on a little gold plate, then placed on a white cardboard serving platter before being gift wrapped for takeaway!! The cake shop is literally around the corner from my accom so I turn the kettle on as I go out and tea is virtually ready made to have with my cake(s). Teapot is mine of course!! 



now you can see why I visit everyday. Too many cakes to choose from. 


And then there's some more!! 


Just inside the door is their collection of almond pastries. I sometimes have one of those to eat on the way home!! 


The shop!! 


Their sign over the door, it has been a family business for generations, first established in 1956.  


what at a surprise for me when I was walking back from the Tarifa island walk to find another Tarifena outlet. So they have a beach one and a town one!! I had this amazing strawberry and cream cheese with chocolate cake on the way home from our walk. It went well with mint tea. 


Happy birthday Jamie  


And the icing on the cake is to be served by this happy young Jose!!