Challenge updates.


Hi Everyone. I've not been able to edit my website other than to add to blogs and that is a bit of a challenge at times with slow wifi at the hotels.  

So in a nutshell as I'm about to spend a week around Gibraltar, I think I can say there is no challenge for G so if you want that letter it's yours. Just give me the details.  

Letter z for Zorro has been bagged by Nancy and her challenge for me is whilst I'm in Spain, please get a photo of you looking kinda puss in boots with a handsome Mr Zoro is standing close by with his sword drawn.  Hahah   She's even been so kind as to offer me some helpful hints.

Hint: you may find such a Zoro in a museum. Or a Fort. Good Luck zzzz

Her $50 will go to Bonorong  wildlife hospital. Thanks Nancy. 


The lovely ladies from ALPS in Mount Beauty have a challenge for me too!!

Hi Annie

Our Challenge for you is as follows
Send a photo of you working in the Alpine garden in Switzerland wearing national costume and holding an eidelwiess flower!
We will donate $150 to The Make a Wish Foundation and $150 to the Mount Beauty Hospital Garden Volunteers

thankyou for that and I hope I'm also asked to be a guest speaker next year when I'm over in February!!! 

And another challenge from one of my current travel buddies is to engage George the bodyguard for another week in Spain!! Done James and Jo. They will donate to the Rylstone Rural Fire Brigade  

AND George himself has embraced the 26 acts of kindness himself. He saves the unused hotel bathroom supplies and gives them to families he comes across on the road. He will also donate $52 to the Children's Bok Library in Fez. We have decided to visit this facility while in Fez. It is run by some expats, voluntarily and are asking for donations. Many local children don't do well at school, if they attend so the little library is doing a good job increasing literacy skills.  And he will leave his motorcycle riding gear including helmet with our support crew so when they next do a trip to Morocco some inadequately dressed local Berber motorcyclists will be the recipients.

update from Laura for J or no J challenge letter

I have made my $50 donation to Save Our Strathbogie Forest - it’s a local group which I am a part of fighting to save the Strathbogie forest from VicForest logging & destroying greater glider & powerful owl habitat. You can read more about it here:

As for your challenge! I want you to meet up with my friend, Ivan Rossatelli, in Padova Italy & go for a ride with him. He is a mad keen motorcyclist who recently built his own (fast!) bike.

You two can work out where you ride to, there are many wonderful roads up in the hills north of Padova or perhaps you can ride to Venice & then Ivan can be your guide on foot through this magical city?! He is a wealth of local knowledge, loves to tell a yarn & has excellent English. He’s also writing an historical novel full of mystery & intrigued that is set in Venice & Padova ;)

As for the letter J... well, you could swing past Jesolo on the way north, but it is a pretty uninspiring beach when you are used to Australian beaches! Or even other coastal areas you will surely visit on your lap!

Alternatively, you could give Ivan & my whole Italian family (he is married to my oldest host sister, Lidia) Big Juicy Hugs!

thanks Laura. When I get to a computer I shall complete the update properly. For the time being it's just Annie's blog page from my iPad.  


Challenge letter h

my wodonga family, Jason, Shireen and the kiddies, Kalum, Aston and Kiera are in the process of dreaming up a challenge for me. Looking forward to that. Knowing them it will be fun!!  

Update. Their challenge is for Letter Request: h

Challenge:Please find in Sicily..... one of the most important archeological sites in the world and a Unesco world heritage site since 1998. it gave the world Empedocles, the pre-socratic philosopher, whose concept of matter as divided into four elements- Earth, Air, Fire and Water- was the foundation of science for many centuries to come.
Please do the move, while eating an arancinu & take a picture from this secret place! ❤️

Your chosen charity/cause:Foundation for national parks and wildlife- Saving the Mountain Pygmy-possum


Another challenge just arrived for me!!  Challenge SS for Sandra sparrow!! 

this time from the lovely Sandra who's bnb I stayed in in Felixstowe, UK before I picked up my bike. I plan to stay there again when I return the bike as her accom was so comfortable and convenient for me.  

She has just offered to donate the cost of the accom to the Bonorong Wildlife Facility . I think she has made a lovely gesture and I look forward to staying in Felixstowe again.  


Jonesy from Cairns via Morocco has offered me a challenge too. Letter challenge b

Your challenge, should you decided to accept it, has to do with your affinity for water:

When in Malta, visit and swim in the Blue Grotto. (or at least swim very nearby).

I’ll donate $50 to YAPS, The Young Animal Protection Society here in Cairns.

As always, should you or any of your force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Good luck ..

Jonesy has now decided I should learn to yodel while in Switzerland.  


Challenge letter P for Peter and Pantheon 

Challenge:Whilst Padova is a fav city in Italy that you will get to explore (see Laura's J Challenge) my challenge is based in Rome that is home to Julia, a fab friend, the stunning Galleria Borghese AND my fav building . . . in the WORLD . . The Pantheon :)

My challenge is to visit the Pantheon for the opening of the massive doors one morning (and to ride your bike around the interior! haha), to visit the Borghese Galleria to enjoy the amazing sculptures and to give Julia a BIG Aussie HUG from us all in Oz :) Whatever other adventures you get up to in Rome will be wonderful bonuses √√

Your chosen charity/cause:Save The Strathbogie Forests

Thanks Peter, I'll keep you posted!