After crossing the Pyrenees and feeling so pleased with myself for that acahievemnt, by the time I'd found a hotel for the night I was running on empty. I didn't even go out for a walk around.  


I decided I'd take it easy the next day, have a good brekkie (included in the tariff) and see if I could find the Cathedrals' spires I could see from my attic roof window. Jackpot! What an amazing piece of architecture, Basilica of our Lady of the Pillar. Bells were ringing and choirs singing so I sat in on their Communion service. Quite beautiful, they sang the complete service. 


I snuck back into the hotels buffet and breakfast room and had a second breakfast, packed up and headed south, again/still. 



The lane my hotel was in. Parking was provided in basement.  


Zaragoza is also know for its chocolate!!