Crossing the Pyrenees into Spain


I'd not realised until last night that maybe the Pyrenees might be snow covered. From about 50 km away I could see plenty of snow. These mountains reach heights of 4000m and host about 20 ski resorts. I did pass cars with skis on top!  Hmmm I'm beginning to wonder what to expect. The road is getting narrower and more windy, temp dropping! 



The sun was shiny which gave me dry roads and the riding was heaven sent. A few tunnnels and the highest part of the road was 2200 m, 500 m higher than the Great Alpine Road with more turns and more spectacular scenery. 



Plenty of melting snow giving the rivers that icey torquiose colour.  

when I reached the top of the pass, still in France there were some people out cross country skiing, others hiking on snow shoes, some picnicking and others picking crocus! 




Then down the southern slopes though a couple of ski resorts and into Spain. 



By comparison the Spanish tunnels are bigger and better, the weather warmer and drier and I feel modestly elated that I've ridden over the Pyrenees. Now I'm ready for some mushroom paella and hot chocolate with churros served to me by Zorro!!