Dix Fromage (Challenge D)

I'll be back in France in September to enjoy more French cheeses. 


RoD's challenge is for me to taste ten French cheeses. 

Three down, seven to go. Last night I had my first French cheese platter along with a pot of Earl Grey.  Just like my visits to Cradle Mountain Hotel after work! 

1. My fave of last nights cheeses was a locally made goats cheese, the hotelier was very proud that he could source a cheese from only 5 km away. This cheese was rolled in fine ash to give the cheese a grey coating. The cheese itself was soft and flavoursome. Very much like plain yoghurt to me.

2. This was an interesting hard cheese, Comte, you can see this in the list from the above photo. For a hard cheese it was very buttery with a light nutty flavour. I enjoyed this one.  

3. The Camembert was Saint Albray. Not a popular choice for me, too yeasty really, but probably how they are meant to taste. The cheese wheel is actually in a flower shape and each portion is a petal. Cute!  

 From the left Comte, Saint Albury and local goats cheese.  

From the left Comte, Saint Albury and local goats cheese.  

While spending a few days in the village of Capestang in southern France I was lucky enough to go with Shayne to the little market held in the square. Lots of fresh locally grown fruit and veggies as well as a local cheese maker selling his products and the local sausage maker had a stall too. So it's a perfect opportunity to taste some more cheeses.  


4. This gorgeous cheese is soft and creamy with a hint of blue. I'm sure it's a local specialty. The beret wearing cheese maker enjoyed the chance to show off his cheeses.  


5. This Comte is a brighter colour than the one from Chambord. It had quite a nutty flavour but was the coloured cheeses that really caught my attention, but after tasting them, not my taste buds. 


6. The green cheese is coloured from basil. Well I've had basil liquor, home made and totally loved it. Can't say the same for this cheese. With my eyes closed I would not have known it was basil coloured or flavoured. Shayne tasted the red cheese, flavoured with beetroot. He made the same comments.  

PS. Only four more cheeses to taste.  I'll travel across France again in September as I travel from Italy back to the UK.