Brunei Darussalam. First Impressions

One of the first things I learned about Brunei is that it translates to the abode of peace. That's perfect for me this week. After the hustle and bustle of leaving OZ and excitement about arriving in UK to pick up my bike I've loved my low key week here. I was met at the airport by Nora and Aji, refer blog post "I'm excited" and have been enjoying their company each day as I learn a little about daily life in Brunei. Almost everyone from the HRH the Sultan down is muslim. Food is halal and Mosques melodically call you to prayer 5 times daily. This small country oozes politeness, gentleness and friendliness. 

I have visited several Mosques, the Royal Regalia Museum, many restaurants and beaches. AND my 5 seconds of fame was being interviewed on radio about my trip and the 26 Acts of Kindness. 

In October I will return to spend 5 days here and try to fit in a jungle trip and watch out for crocodiles??


Please note placement of Harri, the tassie devil. He comes with me everywhere.