And the collective noun for many farewells is. . .

I've enjoyed nearly two weeks of special lunches with special friends and it's really helped tokeep me focused on my departure date ?? Paperwork to finalise, configure the SPOT devise, complete last years tax, pack, re pack, farewell phone calls, re pack, check all my electronic gadgetry, re configure the SPOT, re pack, check maps, update GPS, repack and all in between some lovely lunches a few swims and kayak outings all culminating in a final motorcycle trip to the airport and I'm up up and away having left friends, family and my phone behind. Can I manage without my phone for 200 days. Most people seem to think not, especially my Cradle mates??  But when you realise that most of us look at our phones on average 150 times per day I think that gives me a lot of extra time to engage with the locals on my travels and do a bit of people watching too. 


Doesn't the soft yellow colour on the Royal Brunei plane remind you of lemon meringue pie??