Bye Bye Bike

After a practice ride to Bright with all my gear, it is now time to load the bike into a shipping container in Melbourne. Dave at Get Routed does an amazing job organising shipping of bikes in and out of Australia. He handles all the paperwork, that's a blessing!! Friday 23 Feb I rode my Himalayan from Nic's in Brunswick to Spotswood to be loaded with 14 other bikes. I needed to make sure the bike was clean, and the battery terminals disconnected. That was really easy thanks to Rod and Big Richards suggestion to fit an Anderson Plug on the terminal leads. 

IMG_3190 (1).jpg


Other bikes being loaded included BMW touring bikes, a Hyabusa, Bimoto and an original Kwaka 9, with historic plates. I will meet some of these owners again when we collect our bikes from Felixstowe at the end of April.