Not quite what I planned . . .

Another wet miserable day in February. I'm riding my bike back to Sulphur Creek from getting a service in New Norfolk. Rick, at Mountain Engineering is a gem. He's set me up with spare tubes, filters, tyres levers, puncture repair kit and spark plug. I bought new throw over panniers and headed home over the Great Lakes. It was a bit chilly up top and I was being chased by some big black bottomed clouds. Coming down towards Deloraine it was much warmer in the shelter of the trees. I was still very glad I had my heated grips! 

There are several hairpin bends marked at 25kph on this trip down the hill and I thought I would count them and then let you all know I’m practicing my mountain riding for when I’m in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco . All of them. The high, low and middle Atlas.

So I pull up to take this photo


Then take off around the bend and head down the hill only to feel like I had a squiggly tummy. Then I thought I know that feeling. I think it’s a flat tyre. And this is what caused it!!



No phone reception of course. I got a message to RACT though and then as I started walking down the hill a fully loaded car pulled to offer me a lift. The driver then pointed at me saying I know you!!! You departed us on the Overland Track last week! And I had. They kindly rearranged their passengers and luggage and offered me a lift to Deloraine. I then came back up the hill in the RACT truck to collect the bike. 

And the answer is 8. 

This was confirmed by the tow truck driver who often has to collect crashed cars from the unsealed section of road by the Great Lakes.