You've heard of a pigeon pair?

I now have a pair of swans!! 

I was doing some rock hopping at low tide. It was a very low tide and I felt I was half way out to the horizon when I  decided I'd better head back to the beach when I spotted something clear with a bit of red in one of the shallow rock pools. Hmm. Maybe a jellyfish, not too sure. It was a cold windy afternoon and I had my wetsuit booties and gloves on so I reached down to poke this thing. Not soft like I imagined a jellyfish to feel, in fact it was quite hard. I grabbed at it with my gloves and pulled out a red glass dish!!  



Strange thing is, it matches the blue glass dish I have on the bookshelf at home!  


There is a liitle bit broken on the swans head and some scratches underneath, but other than that it's perfect.  

So I wonder

How long has it been there? 

How did it get there? And  

who was the original owner?? 

AND for someone who likes to collect sea glass it was quite a find. Unbelievable really.