Wooragee School


These two handsome lads go to wooragee school. 

Living in Wodonga their parents had many options when it came to choosing a primary school. 

Wooragee came out on top. A small rural school, only two classrooms, much like the Chocolyn  Primary that I attended.  

Wooragee School has a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen and Garden Centre. 


Every Thursday all the students are involved in the schools vegie patch and preparing a meal for themselves. 

It is a brilliant program. Not only does it teach the students about where their food comes from, they grow herbs, fruit and vegetables. They learn food prep skills, hygiene, table presentation, cooking and cleaning.  

I was thrilled to see Stephanie Alexander and her school program as part of Gardening Australia this week. 

Three cheers for Stephanie Alexander. 


In the 'back paddock'    

In the 'back paddock' 


The school even has its own 'back paddock' Nature Reserve. A beautiful piece of land with a small stream and large enough to have an outdoor classroom and fire pit for evening sessions learning about the night sky and nocturnal animals.