June in Croatia.

The names of the months in Croatia are not based upon the Latin names as many European languages are, but upon the old Slavic language. The names therefore are very different and interestingly each month describes the season or an activity that takes places at that time, mostly in relation to the land or nature. 

Lipanj -June is the month of the Linden tree.  In Croatian the Linden tree is called Lipa. It is from the Tilia family. Croatian currency is the kuna, 100 lipa make one kuna. 

gorgeously shaped Linden Tree. 

gorgeously shaped Linden Tree. 

the leaves of the Linden tree are heart shaped, in history many early Greek and Roman myths connected the Linden to love. 

The flowers, it blooms in June, are a haven for bees, making a soothing and sedative honey. The flowers are also gathered and used in herbal teas. Having many healing properties, especially lung and heart conditions.