And I wasn't expecting that!

I woke up and it was raining. I don't think that's why I fainted though. Pulse over 100. I wasn't expecting that. 


I packed my bag and put myself on the ferry. Still raining. I wasn't expecting that. 


sunset on the ferry 

sunset on the ferry 

I Arrive in Split and it's dark, I wasn't expecting that 



A 2 km walk along the foreshore to my hostel, I passed a fuel bowser for boats, I wasn't expecting that  



Then I walked passed this trimaran. Owned by a wealthy Chinese gentleman, the yacht is worth US$80 million. I wasn't expecting that.  

Dinner was delightful, in a book shop in a funny kinda way. Libar, the steps up to the terrace were painted as bookspines. No creme brûlée on the dessert menu! I wasn't expecting that.



My hostel was really easy to find and the beautiful young women running it all wanted to give me a hug as I came in the door.  I wasn't expecting that.  



The hostel is brilliant. It's new, superclean and comfy. It is my new home for the time being. I'm looking forward to that!!