WW11 monument, Racisce.


No-one seems to know why there is a red star on this monument.  


The beach pebble steps up to the monument are moss covered and somewhat over grown. Pity really, as more locals and visitors alike should visit this monument.  



Racisce was settled about 300 years ago, agriculture, sailing and fishing would have been the primary activities. Since then the population has fluctuated around 600-1200 people. Currently about 600 inhabitants and a census in mid 1950's put the pop'n at 1200.  


The surnames on the monument and in the little cemetery are few. Unkovic, Matic and Botica seem to be the main ones. A war takes a terrible toll on small communities like this one, making very difficult for families to survive without their young strong men. 


I have been here a week and only met Unkovic's and Botica's. Both families have strong ties to Australia. After WW1 two Unkovic brothers headed to Australia to work. They cut timber for two years and then with their earnings returned to Racisce and each bought a sailing ship. These were built on Mali Losinj one of the other islands I've visited. The brothers used there ships to take produce from Korcula Island to the mainland and brought back building supplies and other items not available on their island. Eventually they put Diesel engines in their ships and then they had to pass them over under communism. Both ships are now in ruins at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Ive met several elderly men that have been to Tasmania. They worked on the ships that delivered Tasmanian apples to Mediterranean countries. 

The view over the bay from the monument.  

The view over the bay from the monument.