Bowerbird Haven

Bowerbirds love collecting bits of blue. Nowadays most bowers are decorated in plastic, -milk bottle screw top lids and -drinking straws. 


Today I walked along a different beach on Korcula Island,  one I remember being dotted with happy families last summer. Today it's completely littered with plastic. Margot's challenge for me last year was to not accept anything in a plastic bag and to always carry my own recycle bag, in fact she gave me one, it's covered in sunglasses and other Aussie icons. I still use it and still do not accept items in plastic bags. 


This lovely pebbly beach was covered in flotsam and jetsam, sadly most of it is plastic and the stand out colour is blue. Hence the reference to the bowerbirds.  


This little bay is open to the prevailing winds and with all the passing traffic of tourist yachts,  ferries and cataramans it seems to have collected a lot of their waste. 


Further along the beach there were a few large black tuff bags full of rubbish and some thoughtful beachcombers had piled together larger pieces of plastic, but I imagine it is an on going task on this beach.  Boat captains and their passengers need to have a rethink about their use of plastic, just as I have, thanks to Margot's encouragement.  


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