Aronija berry juice

Aronija berries. 

Aronija berries. 

Croatias love their drinks, from their ritual coffee in the mornings to their great range of natural herbal teas. Lipan, from the linden tree, mint tea picked fresh from the garden and alviza, I think is lemon balm, picked fresh and dried before being used in an aromatic tea. Then there is all the home made spirits, or rakija as it's known, made from local fruits, pear and plum in particular, very very alcoholic! And then there is the tradition of having a 'bevanda' -water and wine, with the midday meal.

Aronija is a non-alcoholic beverage made from the Aronija berry. It is believed to be full of goodness, powerful, and a completely natural weapon in the prevention of illness, but also when disease is already present. In many ways it could be the food (medicine) of the future, it has remarkable healing powers, loaded with vitamins and minerals. 



Aronia is also called the food of the future because it has a remarkably great healing power for the human body. .

Aronija, meaning 'best manners' are actually tiny, small, dark blue berries in clusters that look remarkably like blueberry. They grow in the form of a bush height of up to two meters, part of the Rosacea family.  They ripen in late August and in September.