Australian Federal Election

Due to some seriously lousy weather in Croatia, my trip back to the coast from Zagreb has been delayed a few days. Road closures, snow in the mountains, gale force winds, ferries cancelled... the full catastrophe !!  

The up side is that I can go to the Australian Embassy in Zagreb and vote!! 


The embassy is not far from the town centre so a quick tram ride, past all the storm debris in the parks, not one tulip petal is left. And a short walk up to the embassy.  

I need to show my Australian passport to get into the embassy and then through the security check. Voting was easy, they were very well organised and probably only expecting about 150 Aussies coming in to vote this week. The votes all get posted to Australia before they are counted. Antony Green's analysis will be done and dusted by then.  


On the way way back to the tram stop I saw this lovely little pub. I wonder how many of you 'get' the significance??? 



This sculpture of of a traditional market woman. She always carried her goods on her head and an umbrella in her hand. Then someone stole the umbrella from the sculpture, today a kind gentleman decided to replace it!!  


So many other umbrellas today didn't survive the bad weather and ended up in rubbish bins all over the city.  

I love these reversed umbrellas. 

I love these reversed umbrellas. 

PS. A week later. 

Not happy Jan.