April in Croatia

Although I haven't spent the whole month here I can see the transition of seasons from winter to spring happens in April. Now, at the end of April all the deciduous trees are flush with the most beautiful greens. Planes, Plums and Acer are all green, ready to provide shade for summer picnics. 

 The Croatian months used with the Gregorian calendar differ from the original Latin month names. For example the Croatian word for April is "travanj". This is not a translation of our April into Croatian. They have their own word -Travanj: it translates to "mowing the grass".  

In the last few days I have watched the surrounding parkland being transformed from grassy fields dotted with small flowering daisies and forgetmeknots  to skinny windrows of mown grass.  

and the markets have new seasons strawberries!! 

and the markets have new seasons strawberries!!