The Idea

20 years ago I had the idea to ride a motorbike around the Mediterranean Sea. This idea was partially inspired by an adventurous motorcyclist mate of mine who was the first person to ride a motorcycle around Australia. He did this on a Hodaka - and he is a 6'6" Texan!

More recent inspiration has come from Ron Fellowes' tale - No Room for Watermelons. He restored, then rode a 100 year old Belgian motorcycle from Australia to the Belgian factory to celebrate the little bike's centenary. Every page of Ron's book was a goose-bump moment for me and rekindled my idea for a lap around the lake.

The time has come - the walrus said - and having a dire shortage of riding companions, I have decided go it alone - on my own bike.

I have recently purchased a 400cc Royal Enfield Himalayan. It will be shipped to the UK and then I'll ride to Tangiers on the Straits of Gibraltar to make the official start of my lap. After following the Moroccan coast for a bit, it will then be back to Spain. I will then follow the coast as much as possible in a clockwise direction until I run out of time or money or both.

I'm not a Facebook type of person, nor a travel blogger. This website, and the 26 Acts of Kindness you will find in the Challenge Me section of this website, are about an opportunity for you to follow my adventures and for me to document some of my experiences.

I hope you enjoy seeing some of my adventure and please consider sending me a challenge in exchange for a donation to a charity of your choice.